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Our Services

learn more about how we can help

Our Services

learn more about how we can help

free 15-minute call

A-free 15 min free call to go over any and all questions regarding the process of consultations and assessments for you and your family. 



book a consultation

A-1 hour customized consultation with Dr. Otero via phone or over teletherapy to go over behavioral & developmental concerns.


book an assessment

A 1.5 hour virtual assessment (parent questionnaires) to see where your child is in comparison to peers their age. You will receive scores and an email with all paperwork completed during your assessment. 


Choose the right on going support for you and your family

You can choose from parent training support directly with Dr. Otero, online or in person assessments or school observations.


How the process works

Developmental Consultation

You have any worries or questions about your child's development, behavior, potty training, sleeping habits, separation anxiety, or school behavior, this option is designed for you. Please keep in mind that all other services listed on this page require a consultation before scheduling.

1 hour | $150


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Developmental Assessment (Phone or Virtual)

You have already completed your consultation and are ready to proceed with a developmental assessment to determine where your child is when compared to peers within their same age group. This developmental assessment can be done starting at 1 month old. Please keep in mind that parent training sessions cannot begin until an assessment has been scheduled.

1.5 hours | $250

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Parent Training Sessions

You have already completed a consultation + assessment and are ready to begin your journey with on going parent training sessions with Dr. Otero to receive support on a weekly, bi weekly or monthly (depending on your custom plan) regarding your child’s development.

30 minutes | $60

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Infant & Toddler Developmental Care & Parent Support

You need an expert care specialist at your fingertips! Someone you can trust to care for your child when hiring a baby sitter or nanny is not something you feel comfortable with or has not worked out in the past. Someone that has more training to take care of your child special needs this also includes infants. Then this is the right choice for you. Please note this service has a 3 hour minimum booking.

hourly | $50

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Homeschooling, early childhood education & tutoring

Your child is having difficulty in his/her daycare or school with no apparent solution. You have tried other options but feel more comfortable with an at home curriculum thats 1:1 and tailored to their needs.  You can enhance your child's educational environments with our In-Person sessions. I provide comprehensive insights to optimize learning spaces and enhance student engagement through playful interactions. We offer 2 different programs 10 hours a week and 20 hours a week at a rate of $50/per hour. If you are seeking less hours please send me an email to see if we are able to accommodate.

hourly | $50


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ESA or Service Animal Letters

You have an existing disability and would benefit from an Emotional Support or Service Animal to aid with every day activities that you normally would not be able to do without the support of your trained companion. Please note as of January of 2021 ESA’s are NO LONGER PERMITTED TO FLY FREE OF CHARGE IN AIRLINES ONLY SERVICE ANIMALS.

yearly | $200

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